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Get Android 3.0 Honeycomb on any Android Device with Honeycomb Launcher!

This is basically a clone of the stock launcher from Honeycomb 3.0. This Honeycomb launcher is designed to work on almost all devices that have Android 2.1 and above.

What is Honeycomb? Well, it is an Android update that many of you will never see on your current devices. It is the update after Gingerbread 2.3, but was really designed for larger devices, such as tablets.

This is the original Honeycomb Launcher Clone. Other HC Launchers are a rip from this one!

Honeycomb Launcher Features
✩ Clones Android 3.0 Honeycomb as best as possible!
✩ Running Activity Carousel
✩ Launch Dashboard
✩ Honeycomb Goodies
✩ Haptic Feedback in new dockbar
✩ HC Blue glow on icon press on dockbar
✩ Wallpaper Chooser
✩ Hide Notification bar
✩ In app notifications
✩ Honeycomb Settings
✩ Honeycomb Menu
✩ Honeycomb Dock
✩ Honeycomb Google Search
✩ Honeycomb Style Lock Screen (PENDING) Ripple Lock
✩ Includes 6 Honeycomb clock widgets Pre-Installed
✩ Quick-Action Menu with Quick-Launch
✩ Hide Labels
✩ Tutorials and Help
✩ Supports All Sources of Wallpapers
✩ Supports Live Wallpapers
✩ Re-Sizable Widgets
✩ Nightly Updates
✩ And Much More!

What's new this update?:
✩ Running Activity Carousel
✩ Menu Revamp
✩ Quick Action Menu Actions fully enabled
✩ Major dock update to HC 3.1 blue glow
✩ Haptic Feedback on the new dock bar (3.2 Dock)
✩ Blue glow on icon press on dockbar
✩ New dock icons
✩ New Quick Menu icons and Advanced Settings icons
✩ Add to screen menu add ons (HC Walls & Prefs)
✩ Honeycomb Launcher Settings activity revamped
✩ Support for Pre-Installed HC icons in next update

Tips and Tricks:
✩ View the quick Tips Page
✩ View the start up tutorial
✩ Swipe up to hid the notifications bar
✩ To access settings, long click on a desktop and click settings
✩ For support be sure to send us an email


*If you like this launcher, please consider purchasing our paid version to keep development going! Just search for --> Honeycomb Launcher Donate

Be sure to exclude and ignore Honeycomb Launcher from any Task Killer. If you are using Honeycomb Launcher and kill the app from any Task Killer, Honeycomb Launcher will hang your apps and run slow!

Please visit our website for more information about Honeycomb Launcher or any of our products such as themes, apps, icons, games, and much more.

Or send us an email at support@syndicateapps.com

Honeycomb Launcher Release: 6/16/2011
Honeycomb Launcher Latest Update:8/12/2011


Honeycomb Launcher is a launcher/home replacement. It has many features like Adw.launcher, Crazy Home, PandaHome, OpenHome, LiveHome, DxTop, aHome, Home ++, Launcher Pro, myHome, Go Launcher, Sweeter Home, and Wave Home all have. Almost all home replacements are very similar. The home you will like the most depends on which home you feel comfortable with and the features it support as well. But the important thing to remember about Honeycomb Launcher is that it is a stock launchers and will not perform as much customization as other launchers, such as ADW. Honeycomb Launcher is designed to bring any device the Android 3.0 Honeycomb UI!


Personal Note:

We can not reply to comments in the market! Please send us an email if you need help or something isn't working. We will reply as soon as possible!

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